Be part of the Side-by-Side campaign

Be part of the Side-by-Side campaign

Help caregivers so children can thrive

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The Under 5 Side-by-Side campaign is here to help caregivers, health workers and communities work side-by-side so that all children can reach their full potential. After all, we all know that it takes a village to raise a child!

The campaign looks at every aspect of a child’s development, centered around a supportive relationship between the caregiver and child. You, along with family members and the broader community, have an important role to play.

The campaign wants:

  • Children to get the love, care and protection they need;
  • Caregivers to understand everything they can do to promote their child’s development;
  • Health workers to focus on helping children to survive and thrive;
  • Caregivers and health workers to work together and support each other;
  • Communities to be another source of support for children.

The Road to Health Booklet supports Side-by-Side

The new Road to Health Booklet is an important tool for you to use to support caregivers.

Share information and provide support by discussing all the sections in the booklet with caregivers. Emphasise that they are central to their child’s nurturing, care, protection and health.

Make sure that caregivers understand that you are there to support them!

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