Survival Tips for Working the Night Shift

Survival Tips for Working the Night Shift

Getting through the night (and the next night, and the next)

night shift

You stumble in as the sun comes up to say a brief “hello” to your family before falling into bed. No, you haven’t been out partying, it’s night shift time!

While some nurses enjoy night shift, for others it’s really hard. Either way, here are some tips to get through the late night hours.

  • Get enough sleep! Create a sleep schedule and stick to it, using eye-masks and earplugs to block out light and sound. Also ask your family to respect your sleep times.
  • Eat healthily, avoiding too much sugar or caffeine.
  • Bond with co-workers to make the night shift easier.
  • Keep yourself busy to stay awake.
  • Exercise to stay alert. During your break you could take a walk, climb the stairs, or dance to the radio.
  • Get family members to take over some of your chores at home.
  • Communicate well with your loved ones to keep your relationships strong.
  • Do the things that remind you why you became a nurse in the first place: If you have a spare moment, spend time with the moms and babies.

Don’t stay on night shift too long!

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