NurseConnect Resource Centre

NurseConnect Resource Centre

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NurseConnect has identified some sources of useful, up-to-date information.



Free Apps for your phone

  • MomConnect Registration App: helps you register moms faster. When asked, click yes to add it to your homescreen. It's safe to use. Click here to download it

  • Medscape: provides clinical answers at the point-of-care for doctors, students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
    Google Play | App Store

  • provides drug information and interactions, and pills identification.
    Google Play | App Store

  • Drugs Dictionary: an offline medical drugs and medicine guide with pictures detailing drug uses, directions, side effects and precautions.
    Google Play | App Store

  • BMI Calculator: allows you to work out BMI and percentage of body fat.
    Google Play | App Store

  • Gestational age calculator: allows you to work out gestational age.
    Google Play | App Store

  • EML standard treatment guidelines: provides the Primary Health Care Standard Treatment Guidelines, Hospital Level Adult Guidelines, Tertiary and Quaternary Level EML Recommendations and Essential Medicines List.
    Google Play

  • HIV clinical guide: provides guidelines and decision-support for healthcare workers treating HIV patients in South Africa.
    Google Play

Hotlines to call

  • National HIV & TB Health Care Worker Hotline
    Phone: 0800 212 506 | SMS: 071 840 1572 A toll-free hotline available Mondays to Fridays 8:30am to 4:30pm.

  • National AIDS Helpline
    Phone: 0800 012 322 A 24-hour toll-free hotline with information on HIV testing, treatment, care and prevention.

  • Childline
    Phone 0800 055 555 A 24 hour, toll-free helpline dealing with child abuse and neglect.

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