Build resilience

Build resilience

Recover, adapt and grow

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Did you become a nurse because you want to help others and make a difference? You do! But helping others can be difficult.

Nurses often face stresses at work and in their personal lives. You’ll cope better with these if you are ‘resilient’, in other words if you can adapt to or ‘bounce back’ from difficult challenges and learn from them.

Here are 5 ways to build your resilience:

  • Develop self-awareness: Identify your strengths and challenges. Recognise signs of stress in yourself and pay attention to them. Notice what situations cause you stress. Ask for help.
  • Be positive: Be hopeful. Look for good things around you. Share these with others. Don’t focus on what you are afraid of. Laugh.
  • Practise healthy habits to cope with stress: Do things you enjoy, like singing, playing music, walking or talking to friends. Be creative and flexible. Think through plans and problems rather than acting only on your feelings.
  • Develop strong relationships: Make and keep good friends. Develop good working relationships. Give and receive support. Be constant, reliable and available. Look for opportunities to work together.
  • Focus on what’s important: Remember the “big picture”. Don’t focus on small things.

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