Thabiso confronts her husband: “Did you give me HIV?”

Thabiso confronts her husband: “Did you give me HIV?”

Pregnant mom Thabiso has a difficult conversation with her husband

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Thabiso is pregnant and has found out that she is HIV positive. As her bump starts to show, she knows she can’t keep her pregnancy a secret from her husband, Lungelo, any longer. Lungelo is happy. “I can’t wait to teach him to play soccer,” he says excitedly.

Then Thabiso tells him she is HIV positive. Lungelo goes quiet. He accuses her of sleeping around, although deep down he knows he is the cause. The accusation hurts Thabiso.

Although he won’t say it out loud, Lungelo wonders whether he is HIV positive too. He’s angry at himself, angry at the world and feels guilty.

When it’s time for Thabiso to go into labour, Lungelo doesn’t want to go the clinic but he must take her. At the clinic, Lungelo is rude when Thabiso asks him to stay. He says angrily, “Why do you need me? These fools can take care of you.” Nurse Mmabatho ignores his rant because Thabiso wants him by her side.

Lungelo heads for the door. Thabiso shouts at him, “You got me in this situation. You must act responsibly!” Lungelo knows it’s his fault she’s HIV positive, but what is he going to do?

In the end Lungelo stays. The baby is born and Lungelo hears his tiny son’s first cry. Lungelo fights back tears. He put his wife and son’s life in danger. He’s not worthy to be here.

Mmabatho places the baby on Thabiso’s chest. She breastfeeds him. Then Thabiso places Lungelo’s hand on the baby. He smiles gratefully. Thabiso makes Lungelo promise to go for an HIV test.

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