A rude patient calls Mmabatho’s nurses “idiots”

A rude patient calls Mmabatho’s nurses “idiots”

How will she respond?

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Head nurse Mmabatho hears screaming coming from the waiting room. She investigates and finds a female patient shouting at the young nurse, Kholwa, and senior nurse, Oratile.

The angry patient shouts, “Why must I wait longer?” Kholwa tries to explain, “We have an emergency, ma’am.” The angry patient doesn’t listen. “It’s unacceptable!” she shouts.

How is Mmabatho going to resolve this?

Mmabatho approaches and asks the patient to calm down. Mmabatho says, “A woman is giving birth to triplets. There are complications. We ask that patients with non-urgent issues kindly wait until we have stabilised the patient.”

However, this angers the patient even more, “I want to lay a complaint. I will go to the newspapers. What are your names?”

Mmabatho introduces herself and asks Kholwa to go help Doctor Grant. Oratile says crossly, “Go call the newspapers and see if we care!” Mmabatho glares at Oratile but it is too late. The patient kicks a chair.

What is Mmabatho going to do now?

Mmabatho assesses the situation. Other patients are growing restless too. Mmabatho asks, “Can we go speak in my office?”

In her office, Mmabatho says calmly, “Our patients are very important to us. Please tell me what your concerns are.” Mmabatho listens with empathy as the patient explains her frustration. Mmabatho acknowledges the patient’s feelings.

She then tells the patient, “You will be helped today. If you wait, it will allow them to possibly save four lives. Would you like to help save a life?” The patient agrees.

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