Mmabatho’s family refuses to help at home!

Mmabatho’s family refuses to help at home!

Can Mmabatho get her family to take responsibility?

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Mmabatho, the head nurse, arrives home late from work. She wobbles inside carrying bags of groceries. She makes her way to the kitchen and calls her daughters and husband, but gets no response. The kitchen is a mess. Dirty dishes are stacked high. The sink is clogged. Exhausted, she sits down. What is she going to do?

Her daughters come into the house. They laugh and joke. Mmabatho waits for them in the kitchen, angry, her arms folded. The youngest is 17 and the eldest is 22.

Mmabatho asks, “Where have you been and why is the kitchen such a mess?”

They give excuses about studying at friends’ places.

Then her husband enters. Mmabatho says crossly, “You must take responsibility!” Her husband mumbles something but she shuts him up with a look. “I’m fed up and I refuse to clean another dish!” she shouts. Her husband avoids her stare and makes a weak attempt to defend himself saying, “ I’m still the head of this house.” Mmabatho runs out.

Later her youngest daughter cleans the kitchen, while her eldest daughter watches TV and her husband fills in a crossword puzzle. Mmabatho gives her youngest daughter an approving nod. Then she calls them all together and speaks calmly. “I’m sorry I lost my temper,” she says, “but you all must help me. And I have a solution. Would you agree to a cleaning schedule?”

They do, although without enthusiasm.

Mmabatho says, “Okay, I will put one together tonight.”

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