Mmabatho realises that one of her nurses suffers from burnout

Mmabatho realises that one of her nurses suffers from burnout

What can she do to help the young nurse?

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Head nurse Mmabatho strides through a busy clinic. The waiting area is full. It’s hot and humid. A nurse rubs her feet but sits up when Mmabatho glares at her. Mmabatho passes the staff quarters and sees Kholwa, the new nurse, resting her head on her arms. Mmabatho looks puzzled, then approaches. Kholwa lifts her head, tired. Kholwa stands up but faints. Mmabatho catches her. Is Kholwa going to be ok?

Later in Mmabatho’s office, Kholwa explains, “I feel drained. I don’t look forward to coming to work.” Mmabatho is surprised, “But I thought you loved being a nurse!” Kholwa sighs, “I just can’t see myself doing this job any longer.” Kholwa starts to cry. Mmabatho is shocked.

Mmabatho says, “We can’t lose you. We are already under-staffed. How about taking a few days leave?” Kholwa doubts whether a few days will help. She says, “I’m done with nursing!”

Mmabatho has calmed Kholwa down. Mmabatho suggests, “Let’s practice relaxed breathing.” Kholwa starts feeling better.

Mmabatho asks, “Now, please write down what exactly happened.” Kholwa writes that she volunteered to do other nurses’ shifts, sometimes working double shifts. Mmabatho prompts, “Now write down how you feel.”

Mmabatho then asks Kholwa why she felt the need to do others’ shifts. Kholwa admits, “Because of what Oratile said. She made me feel not good enough!” Mmabatho says encouragingly, “But you’re doing a great job. Sweetie I think you’re suffering from burnout. I suggests you take some time off. If after that you still feel bad, we must find another solution.”

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