Kholwa helps the nurse who bullied her

Kholwa helps the nurse who bullied her

Kholwa’s hard work is paying off!

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The other day, nurse Kholwa had a patient who complained about a lump in her breast. Kholwa had to refer her to Head Nurse Mmabatho, since she didn’t remember the procedure for assessing breasts. But since then, then young nurse has learnt so much on the Bettercare website at

Senior nurse Oratile wants to know more. What did Kholwa learn?

Kholwa says she learnt that part of the assessment of the breast is to ask vital questions about the patient. She needs to get the patient’s age, her family medical history and her current medical status. Kholwa explains, “Then I ask questions about the particular problem the patient is experiencing, like whether the patient is experiencing pain, if there have been changes in the size of a lump or if there’s been any discharge. Then I proceed to examine the patient. First visually, by taking note of any particular differences in the area that the patient identifies. Then I do a palpation of the breasts. There’s an order in which the examination should be done and it should include areas around the neck and under the armpits as well.”

Oratile is impressed.

Later that week, Oratile finds Kholwa on her lunch break. Oratile says, “Kholwa… Sorry to bother, but there’s a patient who needs to have her breasts assessed. The doctor is out and Mmabatho is busy. Could you come?”

Kholwa smiles widely. She knows this is Oratile’s way of showing she trusts her.

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