Can Mmabatho motivate her tired staff?

Can Mmabatho motivate her tired staff?

Mmabatho deals with low morale in a surprising way

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Head Nurse Mmabatho calls all the nurses together for the morning meeting. Her staff look depressed. Mmabatho knows she must cheer them up but what will she do?

Mmabatho: “How are you all feeling?”

At first, everyone nods… they are doing fine… just tired.

Oratile puts a hand up. “This work is very demanding,” she says. “It’s affecting our personal lives. I know I’m the grumpiest amongst the staff, but I’m even grumpier than usual!”

Then Kholwa puts up her hand. “Sometimes I feel unappreciated,” she says. “The long working hours and small salaries don’t help either. Sometimes I don’t feel like coming to work.”

Mmabatho thanks them for their sincerity and their dedication. She can see the disappointment in their eyes. What more can she do?

Mmabatho asks, “Are you willing to do an experiment?” Her staff exchange worried looks. Mmabatho smiles, “It might help encourage and uplift you.” Kholwa nods, “OK, I’ll try.” The others nod too.

Mmabatho starts singing a popular song. At first there’s confusion, then some of them smile. Mmabatho calls, “Come on! Join in!”

One by one they join her and the mood lifts as their voices come together in harmony. Even Oratile seems to be enjoying it. It’s a good release of tension. This is teamwork at its best.

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