How much does baby weigh?

How much does baby weigh?

Low birth weight babies may need extra care


The most important screening test for newborn babies is to accurately weigh them at birth and record the weight. All low birth weight babies must be carefully examined and assessed to find out the reason for their low birth weight and to decide if they need extra care.

Most babies weigh between 2,5kg and 4kg after delivery. But about 15% of newborn babies weigh less than 2,5kg at birth. They are called low birth weight (LBW) babies.

These babies may weigh less than normal because:

  • they are born too soon (preterm),
  • they have grown too slowly during pregnancy (intrauterine growth restriction), or
  • they have lost a lot of weight in the weeks before delivery (soft tissue wasting).

To ensure an accurate reading, zero the scale with a warm blanket before weighing the well-wrapped baby.

All low birth weight babies are at increased risk of problems after delivery. The acronym OOSHI can remind you of what to keep in mind for LBW babies. It stands for: Oxygen (if indicated), Observation, Sugar, Hypothermia, Infection.

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